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Genna Ice keeps you cool 24/7!
At the Grocery Shop

Genna Ice services grocery stores in a number of different ways. Whether you are looking for direct store delivery right to your ice box or truckloads of ice picked up at our warehouse, we have you covered. We can also provide pallet drops that save us time and save you money. Please give us a call to discuss your personalized needs.


From independently operating convenience stores to larger chains, Genna Ice has you covered. We’re able to scale to meet all of your needs! We work with each store to determine the right amount of inventory space to have on site and whether an indoor or outdoor ice merchandiser is right for your location.


The need for bulk, wholesale ice comes in many forms. Whether you are looking for private label product to distribute to your customer base or you’re an industrial manufacturer that has a need for ice for your processes, Genna Ice is here for you. We tailor our programs to meet—and often exceed—our clients’ needs. We understand that prompt and reliable service is what make these relationships work!

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